Cliff Bernstein

President, Eastern Mountain Planning, Proprietor, Freedom Inn, Niseko, Japan

Session: Around the World in 60 minutes
Country: Japan
Region: Hokkaido

Cliff grew up skiing in New England on the occasionally powdery but mostly hard-packed slopes of Vermont, New Hampshire and New York. His years at Dartmouth College brought him to France, Switzerland and Japan, where an alternate universe of snow opened up. Cliff has lived, studied and worked in Japan for over 20 years with a break to earn his law degree at Columbia University and has regularly interspersed an early professional life as both a corporate lawyer and investment banker with regular visits to the mountains of Japan and around the world. He moved his passion for snow back towards the center of his life by investing in and running a bed and breakfast in Asia's powder phenomenon, Niseko and has spoken about his experiences there at TEDx and Web In Travel conferences. Cliff is applying his investment and advisory background to both expand his own business in Niseko as well as working with other companies interested in expanding into Japan.