Focused on market research, strategic marketing, best practices and trends, the Summit’s content challenges, engages, educates, inspires and promotes industry growth. 

Attendees are active participants in a series of general sessions, covering multiple topics, with a variety of formats. Sessions are facilitated by worldwide mountain destination and travel industry thought leaders.

All sessions will be in English.


Destination Tourism
Marketing & Distribution

Destination Tourism Overview & Case Studies

A leading European Alpine Tourism office provides an overview of what they have done well—and not so well—in the past few years. Regional and national partnerships are crucial to leveraging limited resources. This session explores the new trend of cooperation within regions throughout Europe.

Direct and Third Party Distribution: What is the right mix for your resorts and destinations?


The push and pull between direct business and working with third parties, including online travel agencies and tour operators, will always be a critical topic. Should you be spending your marketing dollars on direct business to consumer (B2C) channels, or working with distributers (B2B) and letting them market your destinations? The answer is both, of course, but what is the ideal mix for your destination?

Are Destination Marketing Organizations Relevant in the Digital Age?

Tourism marketing is changing at such a rapid pace. Consumers are researching dozens of destination options (including non-alpine!) and searching over 100 websites before making a destination decision. Digital and mobile marketing continue to evolve, and the question has to be asked: Are DMOs and tourist offices moving fast enough to keep up?

Growing the Pie

This session dives into case studies by destinations, regions, and countries that have done the best job of growing their businesses—and not just from stealing market share. Hear success stories about what some market leaders have done to really increase business with incremental visitors.

Alpine Tourism is a Global Industry
How to Stay Competitive

Around the World in 60 Minutes

Every market is unique. Experts from around the world, including Europe, Asia and North America, highlight how they are focused on international growth, and how they see the global market changing in the near future.


 Are You Ready for New Markets?

We all know the Chinese winter travel market is set to explode. The country recently set a target of 300 million skiers by 2030. That’s more than double the total number of skiers in the world today (estimated at 115 million). What do you have to do to be prepared? The next big area for growth is Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Are you welcoming those markets?

 How Do Consumers in Primary Markets Act Differently? What You Need to Know.

Travelers all over the world, including those within Europe, all make their travel decisions differently. You need to know where these consumers are sourcing their trip inspiration, and what their journey looks like along their path to converting into your customers. Findings from recent research will be presented to help provide the answers you need.

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Think Globally, Act Nationally

Worldwide, the share of foreign skier visits is limited to about 12% of total participants. No matter where you are in the world, skiing is mostly based on domestic markets. Foreign visitors are usually concentrated in a few top resorts, but domestic skiers spread out to other resorts throughout the countries. This session provides case studies and idea sharing about how to maintain, and grow your business within your own country.

Innovation and Technology
Drive New Business, Improve Efficiencies, Stay Ahead of the Curve

Everything starts with Search

Search and hyper-targeted marketing must be part of your basic marketing plan. Google, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, WeChat, YouTube and more—these networks continue to grow every day, and they all offer extremely targeted options that your team must be leveraging.



Innovation Town Hall

This session features the best ideas from the brightest minds—you! Everything is up for conversation—packaging, reviews, online booking tools, mobile and more. What is on your mind about how to become a more innovative destination? Share it. Chances are, somebody in the audience has ideas you can learn from.


Turning Cold Beds into Hot Beds

Cold beds (vacation homes that sit vacant most of the year) are a big challenge and a huge opportunity for alpine destinations. Convincing home owners to make their properties available for rental makes the destination come alive and benefits all stake holders. This session presents case studies, data and information about how to take this challenge and turn it into an opportunity in your destination.

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