Focused on market research, strategic marketing, best practices and trends, the Summit’s content challenges, engages, educates, inspires and promotes industry growth. 

Attendees are active participants in a series of general sessions, covering multiple topics, with a variety of formats. Sessions are facilitated by worldwide mountain destination and travel industry thought leaders.

All sessions will be in English.


Destination Tourism
Marketing & Distribution

Destination Marketing successful case studies

European Alpine Tourism offices provide overviews of what they have done well, and not so well, in the past few years. Local, regional and national partnerships are crucial to leverage limited resources. This session explores the trend of cooperation within regions throughout Europe.

Presenters include:
Cristina Cerutti, Tourism Monitor Officer, Turismo Torino
Luca D'Angelo, Tourism Board Director, Dolomiti Paganella Tourism


A DMO is more than just a marketing organization

A 360 degree look at the role of a destination marketing organization. More than just tourism promotion, successful destination marketing organizations must create and maintain the brand messaging and always be developing new product offerings. They work with community stakeholders on community development issues and attract industry and innovative companies to their region. Hear from IDM Sudtirol and the way they have made progress in all of these areas and more.

Presented by:
Thomas Aichner, Head of Communications, IDM Sudtirol

HOw can destinations Marketing Organizations Remain Relevant in the Digital Age?

Marketing for tourism is changing at such a rapid pace that it is hard to keep up. Consumers are researching dozens of destination options (including non-alpine!) and searching over 100 websites before making a destination decision. Digital marketing, and mobile marketing continues to evolve, and the question has to be asked - are DMO’s and tourist offices moving fast enough to keep up?

Presenters include:
Trevor Crist, CEO, Inntopia

Alpine Tourism is a Global Industry
How to Stay Competitive

Around the World in 60 Minutes

Every market is unique. Experts from around the world, including Europe, Asia and North America, highlight how they are focused on international growth, and how they see the global market changing in the near future.


A message from mercy corps

Mercy Corps' mission is to: Alleviate suffering, poverty and oppression by helping people build secure, productive and just communities. Hear how the alpine tourism industry can participate with Mercy Corps efforts around the world.

Presented by:
Henri van Eeghen, Senior Director, Mercy Corps

world hands.png

How Do Consumers in Primary Markets Act Differently? What You Need to Know.

Travelers all over the world, including those within Europe, all make their travel decisions differently. You need to know where these consumers are sourcing their trip inspiration, and what their journey looks like along their path to converting into your customers. Findings from recent research will be presented to help provide the answers you need.

Presented by:
Florence Kaci, Director Business Development, EMEA and European Market Specialist, Phocuswright

Get Local

Think Globally, Act Nationally

Worldwide, the share of foreign skier visits is limited to about 12% of total participants. No matter where you are in the world, skiing is mostly based on domestic markets. Foreign visitors are usually concentrated in a few top resorts, but domestic skiers spread out to other resorts throughout the countries. This session provides case studies and idea sharing about how to maintain, and grow your business within your own country.

Presenters include:
Laurent Vanat, Founder and Principal Consultant, Author, International Reports on Snow & Mountain Tourism
Matt Mosteller, Senior Vice President, Marketing and Customer Experience, Resorts of the Canadian Rockies


The rise of Airbnb and HomeAway, along with established vacation rental players including Interhome are disrupting the lodging industry around the world. In Alpine destinations, there is a great variety of vacation homes that are now in play as “hot beds” when a few years ago these homes were “cold beds” that were not in the available lodging pool. This impacts every destination and it is important to understand the excellent opportunities, as well as the challenges these new lodging options represent.

Presented by: 
Alexis Dussillol, Ski Markets Manager France, Airbnb

Are You Innovating Enough?

Attracting younger generations

Research and data shows us how to target Gen X, Y and Z. They are all different and certainly different than the Baby Boomers that fueled ski industry growth.

Presenters include:
Andrew van der Feltz, Senior Director, EMEA & APAC, Expedia Media Solutions

Using data to break through the noise

Get the latest insights and marketing techniques you need to break through the noise and reach your ideal consumers. In this presentation, we walk through how travelers plan and book their ski getaways and then arm you with marketing techniques to reach them effectively. 

Presenters include:
Brad King, Vice President of Global Sales, Sojern


Innovative ski pass programs 

Ski passes have been sold the same way forever. But with the need to find new skiers, resorts are getting innovative. Saas-Fee leads the way by crowd funding their season pass rates to keep them as low as 220 CHF. In the U.S., season passes in the Rocky Mountains have been extremely competitive, especially the Epic Pass from Vail Resorts and the Rocky Mountain Super Pass with pricing in the $500 - 600 range. TMR, the top operator of mountain resorts and tourist services in Eastern and Central Europe, has innovative programs including free season passes to their shareholders, among other creative ideas. This is one of the hottest issues facing lift companies and their constituents today. This session explores what has been working, how it has been working, and what is not working.

Presenters include:
Bohus Hlavaty, CEO, Tatry Mountain Resorts
Evan Reece, CEO, Liftopia
Urs Zurbriggen, Chief Operating Officer & Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Saastal Bergbahnen AG, Saas-Fee

How to make your customers more valuable

Learn how providing your customers with valuable benefits through mobile will gain you access to powerful personal data. With this data, you can delight your customers by providing them with information that makes their trip to your destination more user friendly and personal. Learn about your customers, build their trust with your brand and provide them value as they become more valuable to you.

Presented by:
Reto Gurtner, CEO, Chairman of the Board, Architect, Weisse Arena Gruppe

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