European Mountain Travel Summit takes place in Crans-Montana, one of the leading mountain resorts in Switzerland. From the plains around the Rhône up to the Plaine Morte glacier at 3000 meters altitude, Crans-Montana is a sunny region with stunning views from the amphitheater of peaks stretching from the Bietschhorn round to Mont-Blanc via Mont Cervin.


  • Geneva: 180km
  • Zurich: 300km
  • Milano Malpensa: 220km
  • Sion (regional): 30km


Frequently asked travel questions:

q: When departing the airport in Zurich and in Geneva, how does one get to the rail station? Is it walkable or must they take a taxi? What is the approximate length of time it would take?

The train station is right at the bottom (underground) of the airport in Zurich and right next door in Geneva. It should be approximately a 15-minutes from when you get your bags to when you catch the train in Zurich and approximately 10 minutes for Geneva.

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From: Zurich Airport or Geneva Airport

To: Montana Gare (top of the funicular). 

Note that from Zurich, you might have to change trains in Bern and you do have to change in Visp. Your exit stop is Sierre.  From Geneva, the train is direct to Sierre. Sierre is the stop that you will use to take the funicular or a car up to Crans-Montana.

Note: When you look to the screen at the train station, the final destination mentioned is Brig (both from Zurich and Geneva)

The funicular’s departure is a 5 minute walk from Sierre’s train station (follow the red line on the sidewalk). Your rail ticket also includes the funicular ride.

Note: The funicular runs from 6:25 to 21:15, so people arriving earlier / later will have to take a taxi (the taxi ride is approximately 30 minutes and costs approximately CHF 100).

q: Once the train reaches Crans-Montana, what is the best way for attendees to then travel to their hotel? Are taxis available there?

On January 8 and 9, we will have staff at the Montana station to welcome the participants and a shuttle bus to drive them to their hotel.  We can also provide this service on January 7 upon request. Taxis are also available right at the exit from the station.


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