Francesco Comotti

Founder and CEO, Evolution Tourist Marketing

Francesco has been working in the mountain destination industry and tourism sector for over 25 years. His expertise includes destination management and strategic marketing. His firm has helped top winter tourism destinations in Italy and abroad with creative product, marketing and sales approaches. Francesco has been a team leader/project coordinator with Courmayeur (DMO for the Mont Blanc winter tourism district), Dolomiti Tourism Promotion Agency, Cortina Turismo (the DMO for the Cortina winter tourism district), San Martino di Castrozza, helped the establishment of the Madesimo Tourism Consortium (DMO for the winter tourism district Val Chiavenna Madesimo, Campodolcino), advisor to the Aspen Skiing Company for winter tourism promotion and marketing, and a variety of projects during his career. Francesco has a wealth of mountain destination knowledge, especially for Italian destinations and related to the Italian tourism market. This knowledge translates to mountain destinations around the world.