Luca DAngelo.jpg

Luca D'Angelo

tourism board director, Dolomiti paganella Tourism

Session: destination marketing successful case studies
Country: Italy
Region: Trentino

After earning a degree in Tourism Economics, a 1 year experience as a researcher in New Zealand and receiving a Masters in Tourism Management, D'Angelo worked as a Senior Researcher at Trentino School of Management focusing his work mainly on sports tourism, destination marketing, and destination branding. He has coordinated and directed the Trento and Valsugana Wine Route for 5 years and he has been  Destination Manager at Valsugana Tourism Board (Trentino, Italy). 

In early 2015 he took charge of the Dolomiti Paganella Tourism Board (Trentino, Italy) as Destination Manager. He's currently leads a DMO innovation process, focusing his work on tourism product and experience design. He strongly believes that DMOs need to evolve, shifting their core strategy from marketing to management.