Matt Mosteller

Senior Vice President, marketing and customer experience
resorts of the canadian rockies

Session: Think Globally, Act Nationally

Matt Mosteller, Senior Vice President of Marketing and Customer Experience, Resorts of the Canadian Rockies, shares some of his personal favorite customer experience stories and how his company thinks globally and acts nationally. 

In Matt Mosteller's session at EMTS, Think Globally, Act Nationally, he will share how his company thinks globally and acts nationally with the Resorts of the Canadian Rockies Summit Fund that supports non-profit and volunteer organizations in each community they operate in. 

You have been involved in customer experience in the ski industry for over 20 years. Share some of your ideas that have really impacted your guests experiences. – he didn’t share some of his ideas, rather just shared how they do it in general.

I am very fortunate to work with a passion-filled team and to be able to share Mother Nature’s incredibly wild and natural landscapes! We create magic moments every day and bring smiles to our guests faces. We provide them with something totally unique, special and what matters: connecting our guests with our amazing Ski Patrol, Snow Safety Teams and their super dedicated Avalanche Dogs. Nothing beats guests getting to pet the dogs and talk to their trainers- kids and adults go all in for this one! Our focus is creating remarkable experiences like this throughout each and every day for all of our guests.

During EMTS you are participating in the session Think Globally Act Nationally, Give us some examples of how your company thinks globally and acts nationally.

We have a global Resorts of the Canadian Rockies Summit Fund to support non-profit and volunteer organizations in each community we operate in, but in each community we have set up separate funds. For example, we have the Fernie Alpine Resort Summit Fund, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort Summit Fund and the Kimberley Alpine Resort Summit Fund and many more. This exists so that the way we distribute the funds is tailored to each community. We strive for global commitment but local execution.


I personally believe that you can – and must – be both global and local. This offers each community the best of both worlds as we learn from each community and find ways to better enhance our community, giving and commitment from each. It's incumbent on us, each step of the way to give back and to earn trust. Each of our in-community teams make the respective decisions on what entities we support. This gives them a feeling of incredible goodness to know they are not only supporting the tourism economy of the community but those who live there - with real cash donations to projects and causes that matter to them and their community


You are extremely invested in working with the local communities at your resorts. What are some of the initiatives youve implemented and the best results you have had?

Our Summit Fund is a stand out for me - we give, we care and we are so proud and honored by all the good that these community based funds have created, as mentioned in the previous question. We could not have set this up without the incredible care, support and funding from the owner of our company. 


What has been your best customer experience during a mountain vacation?

I have been very fortunate to spend time at each of our resorts (Fernie, BC, Kimberley, BC, Kicking Horse Mountain Resort in Golden, BC) and have had many incredible experiences at each resort. One of the most magical customer experience moments I’ve had was with my children as we embarked on a Ranger Tour at our Bear Reserve, home of Boo the Grizzly Bear. This particular day was very hot, and we left in the afternoon during the time bears like to nap. My kids as well as others were asking a lot of questions and the naturalist thought it was important for the kids to see Boo that day. The only way to get a sleepy bear to take a walk is to break a plant called Bear nip. It has a powerful smell and is very appetizing for the bear. As soon as we broke the plant, Boo came down for a visit and all of the children were awe-struck. It is really impressive to see a fully grown bear up close and learn about its environment and challenges.

The second best customer experience I’ve had is when Hollywood showed up for a ski lesson. Our resort was closed but we made snow, opened some terrain and gave them and incredible experience they would never forget.


What are you looking forward to at EMTS? 

EMTS is always about the people. Learning from passionate people in this industry is a gift. I can’t wait to listen to the amazing speaker lineups’ stories and the incredible people attending the event. My inner ski bum will also be looking forward to making some turns and touring a variety of resorts. 


Want to hear more from MATT MOSTELLER?

 He’ll be speaking indepth about the Resorts of the Canadian Rockies at his session at EMTS, Think Globally, Act Nationally. Learn more about Matt's session and his background, as well as others taking the stage at EMTS 9-11 January in Crans-Montana, Switzerland.